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Best Cat and Dog Breeds for Introverts

By Wendy Rose Gould
published: February 26, 2018 - updated: October 12, 2022 • 3 min. read
introvert reading with a cat

Key Takeaways

  • Introverts need alone time to refuel and not feel drained from overstimulation.
  • Some dogs prefer quiet homes and are relatively independent.
  • Quieter dogs are the basenji, Irish wolfhound, Saint Bernard, Cardigan Welsh corgi, and Shiba Inu.
  • Good cat breeds for introverts are the Himalayan, Persian, Maine coon, and ragdoll.

By definition, an introvert requires alone time to refuel and can feel drained by overstimulation, but nowhere does it say a pet is out of the question. In fact, many introverts may find just the companionship they need with a cat or dog. Below, we’ve outlined the best dog and cat breeds for introverts; so whether that’s an independent feline or a low-pressure pooch, you’ll be sure to find the perfect furry roommate.

Best dog breeds for introverts

When you think of dogs, things that come to mind are happy, bouncing pups, a certain” reliance (ahem) on their owner and plenty of barking. While such characteristics are delightful for many, those introverts who prefer quiet homes and relative independence may not be so pleased.

So if an endearingly droopy bloodhound who howls on the regular or a chipper border collie who needs hours of dog park time isn’t your ideal match, here are a handful of quieter companions:

  • Basenji: Owners of basenjis will tell you that this dog is more akin to a cat in personality than to a canine. They rarely bark or howl, very much enjoy their alone time and independence, and, even when excited, do so without much intensity.
  • Irish Wolfhound: This charming gentle giant is quiet and relishes in low-key alone time. They’re affectionate and tolerant of people, children and other pets, and enjoy running around outside to blow off steam.
  • Saint Bernard: Large in stature and super cuddly, the Saint Bernard is one undemanding, lovable canine. They’re quiet and laidback, but do prefer hanging out with their owners 24/7 — no worries, though; it can simply mean hanging out in the same room together while you’re reading a book.
  • Shiba Inu: If you prefer a more outgoing, higher energy pup, the Shiba Inu is a great option. Though it needs exercise and affection, the breed is low-intensity, highly adaptable and not anxious when left alone. Bonus: the Shiba Inu’s trademark smile makes for great pics to send to friends you don’t see too often!
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi: Undeniably adorable and lax, the Welsh Corgi is a wonderful dog breed for introverts. They prefer a homebody but can do well alone for short periods of time. Hey, if it worked for Queen Elizabeth
  • Rescue Breeds: Our favorite breed! Find a rescue or shelter that has a myriad of breeds and mutts that you can pair up with, given your personalities rather than type. As we all know, dogs are individuals, and each one is different. We’ve known shy huskies who just want to cuddle, loyal mixed breeds who love to go hiking with you, and even quiet hounds who prefer to gnaw on a bone by the fire.

Best cat breeds for introverts

Cats, in general, are a great option for introverts. They can kick back indoors for their entire lives and will never make you feel guilty for not taking them to visit friends at the park. On the whole, cats are not going to demand hours of your attention, won’t knock you over when you open your front door or overwhelm you with incessant barking or scratching. They’re (usually) quiet, they can hang out on their own for hours at a time and they can make you feel loved and treasured in their own special way.

That said, some cat breeds are more suitable for introverts than others based on their behavior and general “neediness” levels. For example, if you prefer a quiet home, we would advise staying away from very vocal and needy-leaning cat breeds, which include the Sphynx, Siamese, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail, Bengal, Peterbald, Balinese-Javanese, Ocicat and Tonkinese.

Some of the best cat breeds for introverts include the following:

  • Himalayan: If you like the exotic look of a Siamese kitty but don’t think you can deal with the consistent chatter, Himalayans are a great option. They’re an active and playful breed, but relish in quiet time and are very affectionate.
  • Persian: Persian cats are low on intensity and high on affection with their pet parents. They aren’t very vocal and prefer hanging out with only their closest companions. As such, they can be skittish around other pets and humans.
  • Maine Coon: Known for their large, fluffy coats and striking faces, the Maine Coon is a quiet, mellow cat breed ideal for introverts. They trill rather than meow, which many find soothing, and they tolerate alone time well. They’re also just as happy to cuddle up or exert energy with humans and other pets, especially cat-friendly pups.
  • Ragdoll: This cat gets its name for the way its body relaxes when you pick it up. Ragdolls aren’t just laidback, they also love to cuddle and prefer quiet, low-key environments. They’re also cute as a button!
  • Domestic Short-Haired, Long-Haired, Mixed and More: Just like with pups, cats are individuals too! There are so many kitties who need forever homes; check out your local rescue organization or shelter and save a feline today!

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wendy gould
By Wendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been in journalism for over a decade, and has been freelancing almost that entire time. In addition to lifestyle reporting, she also works with brands to create marketing content for their websites and blogs.

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