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Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe?

By Stacy Painter
published: April 25, 2019 - updated: April 22, 2022 • 2 min. read
cantaloupe dogs

The quick answer: Yes, cantaloupe is a healthy fruit you can share with your dog.

Benefits of cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a member of the melon family of fruits, and just like watermelon, it’s a low-calorie hydrating fruit with lots of nutrients. Cantaloupes contain vitamins A, B6, and C as well as potassium, niacin, folate, and fiber.

To serve cantaloupe, cut off the rind and cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. The seeds are not toxic, though you may want to scoop them out as a safety precaution because an excited dog could accidentally choke on them. You can also puree fresh cantaloupe and freeze it in a Kong toy or ice cube tray for a refreshing summer treat.



Don’t offer large pieces of cantaloupe to an eager eater who could potentially choke on it. To make it easiest for your dog to eat, cut cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces that are appropriate for the size of your dog. Because of its sugar content, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before sharing cantaloupe with a diabetic dog.

Cut off the rind before serving cantaloupe to your dog. Though it isn’t toxic, the cantaloupe rind is very tough, making it difficult to chew and digest. Attempting to swallow a piece of the rind could cause your dog to choke, and if he successfully swallows it, a piece of cantaloupe rind could cause an internal obstruction. Symptoms of intestinal blockage include vomiting, decreased appetite, and constipation due to the inability to pass food through the digestive system. If you think your dog has swallowed a piece, contact your veterinarian right away.

For your dog, eating cantaloupe is safest in moderation. Consuming a lot at once can cause an upset tummy, vomiting, or diarrhea. As a general rule, limit your pup’s fruit intake to no more than 10% of his diet.

Want to find out more about what dogs can and cannot eat? Check out our comprehensive guide for more information on “What Human Foods Dogs Can and Can Not Eat.”

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By Stacy Painter

Stacy has always been an animal lover and has worked in the pet industry and pet insurance specifically for over a decade. As a writer since early childhood, content writing for Healthy Paws pet insurance was a natural career path to combine her two passions. She currently lives in Florida with her boyfriend and Taiwanese rescue dog, Kaya.

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