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Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

By Danielle Guercio
published: May 6, 2019 - updated: April 8, 2021 • 2 min. read
can dogs eat cucumbers

Quick Answer: Yes, cucumbers are safe for dogs.

Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables, and they’re found in salads, noodles, and eaten by themselves, but what happens if you drop some green crunchy goodness to your waiting dog? Though not all table scraps are suitable for canines, cucumbers are one of the healthier things that your pup can snatch up if you happen to fling a piece off your fork, but they must be plain with no seasoning or dressing.


Cucumbers are low-fat, low-calorie, high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory benefits. According to the American Kennel Club, “[Plain] cucumbers are perfectly safe for dogs to eat, and offer a low-calorie, crunchy snack that many dogs love. Cucumbers only contain about 8 calories per one-half cup of slices, compared to the 40 calories in a single medium Milk Bone biscuit, and are very low in sodium and fat.” Because of this, cucumbers are a healthy treat replacement if your pup needs to watch their weight.

A great side effect of cucumbers is also fresh breath! Can I Give My explains that there’s a major bonus to a cuke-nibbling pup: “Cucumber has a unique ability to reduce bad doggie breath. This veggie has phytochemicals that kill stinky bacteria.”

Bonus for instagrammers – crunchy snacks make for great videos. Instead of watching a dog  chomp on a baked cookie style treat, give some cucumber pieces for ultimate sound effects and more views of those cute little teeth in the front of their mouths.


As with almost all human foods, cucumbers need to be fed to your dog in moderation, and completely plain (no salt, pepper, seasonings, or dressings). And just because a pickle is a cucumber doesn’t mean you can toss your dog one. Pickles have garlic and other seasonings that can make a dog sick. Finally, Rover cautions, “Don’t feed your dog a whole cucumber—it can be a choking hazard.”

If you’re not sure what to share, Healthy Paws has a great list of foods that are safe and not safe for dogs.